Solo Performance for body, space, object, subject, figure and props

Meltdown is a site-specific work & a poetic manifesto in close interaction with the architecture at the Amphiscene at Brandts Klædefabrik in Odense. The work investigates melting processes and fusions in a close bodily relationship with the surroundings and the spatial architecture.

Camilla Stage shares and presents her artistic results that unfold in a choreographic micro-macro field, perspective to our global climate challenges. By incorporating sound and objects in close interaction with the performer, physical processes are investigated in the transition of a substance from solid to liquid, from whole to broken, from establishment to collapse.

In the field of performative choreography bodily expressed the Site specific performance is in close dialogue with its surroundings objects, subjects and spaces.The work thereby constantly challenges the dominant and often one-sided understanding of the narrative discourse that the existing conventions maintain within the performing arts. Here the work tries to include and convey alternative ways in the form of bodily and kinesthetic visual poetic and narrative orientation to consider and share topics that concern us all, in the relationship we have in common as part of the challenges of the globe and our understanding of them.

The Work has been developed in a research concept at a residency stay in Odense/DK, invited by curator Taneli Tömä *Dance all Year Long

Dancer & Performer Camilla Stage

Concept & Choreography Camilla Stage

Production Dance All Year Long

Venue Amphiscene at Brandts Klædefabrik Odense DK 2019

Photo Hans Kristian Hannibal Bach