Choreographer, Dance Teacher & Movement Facilitator

                        Camilla continuously teaches & facilitates professionals & amateurs in creative and body conscious dance processes

Camilla has an extensive teaching experience in dance & choreography with all age groups from professionals, amateurs, children, young people, adults, elderly and people with Parkinson's disease. You are welcome to take contact if you are interessted in a workshop. In collaboration with you and your organisation, a program is drawn up that suits your target group, interest and needs.

Camilla Stage's teaching practices is based on a bodily understanding of grounding as well as an authentic investigation of the body's functions, structures and sensory qualities and possibilities. In the teaching, movements in the body's inner space and the body moving in the outer space and the interaction between them are explored. Camilla values an informal, curious and improvisational approach to dance and movement which is set in the framework of a verbally guided study combined with strong technique training, where the participants develop their kinesthetic senses through the process and examine their own approaches to different learning methods through dance.

Artistic and pedagogical considerations

Camilla Stage's working methods are inspired by the quality of movement practice from her studies at the Folkwang Hochschule and the choreograph Pina Bausch/Wuppertal TanzTheater as well as various somatic practices such as Alaxander, Feldenkreis, Mindfulness techniques. Camilla works with a poetic sensibility and her body and movement research is based on awareness, grounding, suspension, space, partner work and guided improvisation.

Teaching, communicated dance & choreography experience

Appointed censor & lecturer at the School of Modern Dance DDSKS, Lecturer on Dance Science at the University of Copenhagen, Jury member Dansesolution Dansecenen, Taught professionelle at Dansens Hus, Workshop leader at the Institute for Sports Teachers Seminary Copenhagen, 1-year permanent employment as a teacher of dance at Rytmisk Daghøjskole Copenhagen. Workshop leader at Teater i skolen seminar, a collaboration with Betty Nansen Theater and Frederiksberg Seminarium. Guest teacher in dance and choreography at Sønderborg High School, Svendborg High School, Vrå High School, Toftlund High School, etc. Workshop Scene Indgangen Kbh, dance teacher Faxehus Efterskole, Junior Kompagniet/Young Dansescene, Dab Dansebryggeriet, Stands&Dans in Dansehallerne, Dansekapellet, Forsøgstationen, Afuk, Valby medborgerhus, Danceforce 40+ ,   50+ Skuespiller Forbundet, individual & group dance/movement sessions & Inqueries.  

Camilla graduated from Folkwang Hochschule/Folkwang Universität der Künste in Germany 1987-92 under the direction of Pina Bausch.There she studied contemporary dance technique with professors Malou Aridou, Lutz Förster, Hans Züllig, Dominique Mercy and Jean Cebron. Each of them has, in their own way, carried on the tradition of Ausdrücks Tanz from the 1920s in Germany. Laban's movement theories laid the foundation for Kurt Joos' establishment of the Folkwang Hochschule für Tanz Abteilung in Essen in 1927. In collaboration with, among others, Sigurd Leeder and Rudolf Laban, Joos developed his pedagogy. Many artists have over time been influenced and have themselves influenced the Folkwang Hochschule through artistic and educational exchange of dancers, teachers and choreographers on each side of the Atlantic, such as Lucas Hoving, Jose Limon, Alfredo Corvino up to the influence of the legendary choreographer Pina Bausch /Wuppertal Tanztheater.