INSANITY & totality as a meditative dance practice

The I Concept Dance Force 40+

We all do what we canSo we can do just one more thingWe can all be freeMaybe not in wordsMaybe not with a lookBut with your mind

Lyric Cat power

Mixed e*motions such as sadness, gladness & madness are tensed up, pressed & squeezed together,

twisted around, stretched out & out & out and some energies are released in play-fulness and dance

Choreography & Staging Camilla Stage

Dance & Movement contribution

Jean Hugues Miredin, Dorte Persson, Tomomi Yamauchi, Gaute Grimeland, Maria Naidu,

Susanne Judson, Jan Vesela, Anne Claire Theissen, Miguel Cortes


Light Design  Peter Bodholt

Music  Cat Power, Warpaint, We are Threes

Production Leader Carina Raffel

PR Charlotte Rindom

Production Dance Force 40+

Video + Photo Carina Raffel & Camilla Stage

Venue at the festivals CPH STAGE & DET FRIE FELT Dansekapellet & Dansehallerne 2015