POETRY in white do you know the Stars the Moon and the Milky Way 

POETRY IN WHITE - do you know the Stars the Moon and the Milky Way 

Poetry in White is a dance performance for three female dancers, a microphone, a glass of milk,

a white flag, white napkins and some play pets - some of them really dangerous grrrr...

Poetry in White is sense-provoking as white sheets of paper blowing in the wind -

The danceperformance examines the terms time and dissolution, in the concept that something

gradually terminates, evaporates, breaks, slips, melts, fades and disappears… it could be something like

a         grief         a        depression       a       shock

Poetry in White might contribute to a greater understanding of the human condition and the dangerous

expeditions we are ready to make in order to embrace our tears.

Choreography & Staging Camilla Stage

Dance & contribution to the movement material  Anne-Claire Theissen, Susanne Judson & Tomomi Yamauchi

Lighting design  Eva Ulvan Handsberg

Costumes & Music Camilla Stage

PR  Peter Lyth

Administration  Projektkontoret

Fundraising Camilla Stage

Production  Living Creatures

Photo Thomas Petri

Premier Venue  Dansehallerne Store Scene 2012  Cph DK

Financial Support Staten KunstrĂĄd

Choreographer on  set