I will give my love an apple

I will give my love an apple

Nature, the abandoned garden, penetrates the bedroom of the night

We are inside and outside at the same time

The dancers find themselves in the familiar space, and yet the extinct garden intrudes as a memory, a recollection.

In scenic images, themes such as temptation, sin and separation are varied.

Camilla Stage is an attentive observer. In the form of dance theatre, she explores the possibilities of movement and space

in order to thereby find expression in movement - and the expression of movement.

A consistent feature in her technique and subject matter is the juxtaposition of opposites.

In a relationship of tension and relaxation, she experiments with her themes and choreographic ideas.

In her dancing images and intense mood progressions, she give us emotional challenges, as she maintains human sensitivity and vitality.


Choreography & Staging Camilla Stage

Dance Anne Katrine Kallmoes, Cæcilia Eliasson, Daniel Condamines, Hanne Stupperup, Jordi Puigdefàbregas Serra & Susanne Judson.

Stage design Per Basse & Camilla Stage.

Light design Brian Njie

Costume Eva Weyde.

Sound design Michael Laursen & Camilla Stage.

Administration & Pr Gerd Schottländer.

Produktion Living Creatures

Photo Nanna Arnfred


Premiere Venue Dansescenen Cph DK 1995

Financial support  Statens Teaterråd, Augustinus Fond & Wilhelm Han­sens Fond