GOLDDIGERS under the sun

Golddiggers under the SUN

GOLDDIGGERS under the SUN is a ceremonial glittering sun party of golden heart-dances which,

through devotional tribal dance, attempts to invoke the healing of the modern human. Chained as we are to our

insatiable desire and pursuit of wealth and immortality in the ever running wheel of a consumerist in a late capitalist society

that exalts and deifies consumption, progress and growth.

GOLDDIGGERS under the SUN is an extravagance golden art work of raw physicality and deep fervor.

Insanity and Totality unfold exaggeratedly in a ritual dance rite on stage.

Cultivation of outer and inner wealth is explored through energy, poetry, power, destruction and chaos in bodily manifestations.

Golddiggers under the Sun is an axis mundi where primordial impulses and cosmic phenomenal connections arise through

the golden danceformations, which are often overly ostentatious, frenetic, flamboyant and excessively debauched scenes

in the attempt to open the cosmic overloaded energy between the sun and the earth.

A golden sun party which probably have no financial value on the marketplace

-  but....

the dance is (t)here

The work is inspired by the french philosopher Georges Bataille's theories about the solar economy and solar violence

wich he relates to the sun as the ultimate source of energy, exuberant, productive and destructive.

The work also takes visual inpirations from Edvard Munchs painting The Sun 1911.

Choreography & Staging Camilla Stage

Dance and contribution to the movement material  Jan Vesala, Laurent Troudart, Tiziana Fracchiolla,

Sofia Karlsson, Nelly Zagora, Sandra Liaklev Andersen, Joel Fritzon, Jean Huges Miredin & Rumiko Otsuka

Visuel Stage, Light design & Poster   Raphael Solholm 

Tone master & Sound designer  Mikkel Gemzøe

Costumer & Set   Camilla Stage

PR & Support   Charlotte Rindom

Rehearsal & Produktion assistent  Tomomi Yamauchi

Administration   Projektcenteret i Dansehallerne v. Jens Christian Jensen

Fundraising   Camilla Stage

Video documentation / video photo  MadsJazzTV & Camilla Stage

Produktion  Living Creatures

Photo & Trailer  Thomas Petri

Premier Venue  STORE SCENE Dansehallerne Carlsberg CPH DK 2016

Open events for the show's audience

Discussion about the work with the artists

Moderator Anne Middelboe, MSc, specialization in ballet criticism. Theater reviewer at

On movement and the existential

Martin Spang Olsen, MSc, sensory trainer, stuntman, author and consultant

The role and importance of the body through time and how dance reflects this

with Karen Vedel, Associate Professor, PhD, Theater and Performance Studies, Department of Art and Cultural Studies

Marxism, Buddhism and Georges Bataille

with Jon Auring Grimm, philosopher and lecturer

Astronomy, religious history and natural philosophy

with Marianne Qvortrup Fibiger, associate professor, Ph.D. and religion analysis at

Financial support  Statens Kunstfond projektstøtteudvalg for Scenekunst, Københavns Kommune Scenekunstudvalg,

Augustinus Fonden, Knud Højgaards Fond, Beckett Fonden, A.P. Møller & Hustru Chastine Mc-Kinney Møllers Fond for almene Formaal.