Den Hemmelige Ild  

The Secret Fire

Secret Fire 

Disturbing is the fire of desire, the scorching flame of the body

To dare to face one's own desires where a possible or impossible desire is the secret fire and the focal point of the danceperformance

The Secret Fire is danced face to face in a dark and crackling tango that explores the power and desire of *the other* and the longing for unity

The Secret Fire is an intense bodydrama about us humans aspiring to, but also fears the redemption of the vivid and consuming

forces of our desire. A desire that is both flamingly dissolving and burningly destructive

Choreography & Staging Camilla Stage

Dance & movement material contribution

Louise Hyun Dahl, Signe Andersen, Victoria May, Jean Hugues Miredin, Jordi Puigdefabregas Serra & Philip Smith

Light design Lars Egegaard Sørensen

Setdesign & Video Projection Signe Krog

Costume design Lise Klitten

Sound design Ise Klysner

PR & Administration  Ulla Boeg

Production Living Creatures

Photography Christoffer Askman

Video photo celected by Camilla Stage

PREMIERE Venue Dansescenen Cph DK 2004

Financial Support Teaterrådet, Carlbergs Mindelegat for Brygger L-C. Jacobsen, Wilhelm Hansen Fonden, Danmarks Nationalbanks Jubilæumsfond, Augustinus Fonden, Beckett Fonden & Knud Højgaards Fond