CORPUS Femininum

CORPUS Femininum 

Out of the dark steps five women, into their bodies of the night.

They move around quietly, intensively, madly, nacedly regarding themselves and each other.

Confrontation with the intimate and exposed body opens to an encounter with womanhood, gender, sensuality within a female gaze

Gender as a process is the starting point for Camilla Stage's study in the dance performance CORPUS femininum.

During nocturnal observations, the dancers consider themselves and expose themselves to the place where they are

no longer sure of gender and its categories. Allowing to stay where the body is waitingin a wait for oneself 

In a given to the body astense and relaxed, like heavy and light in a flow of the body's energies.

Gender dispute through the body's exchanges with the space it is in - and time.

Static, dynamic and calm to feel and observe.

The experience of the body - a sketch for being.

The bodily experience of the dancers communicate a new way of experiencing body & gender.

Camilla Stage tries to awaken our curiosity by creating an intimate space where feelings of vulnerability and pleasure in our mysterious bodies are allowed to be and be experienced in the dance performance CORPUS Femininum,

Choreography & Staging Camilla Stage

Dance & movment contribution Christiana Battistella, Susanne Judson, Sofia Yaregal, Line Horn Pedersen and Camilla Stage

Light design Anja Myung Hansen

Costume design  Charlotte Østergaard

PR and press Rip van Winkle v. Henning Krog

Author Sabine Celeste Svendsen

Graphic design Helle Riisphoto: Kristensen

Production manager Per Dines settlement technician Janus Nielsen

Technical assistance Martin Larsen and Jesper Sønderstrup

Administration Charlotte Rindom &


Photo Elisabeth Rønde 

Video Photo Camilla Stage

Premiere Venue Dansescenen Cph DK 2002

Financial Support  Statens Teaterråd & Augustinus Fonden