BLOTE - A Dance Concert 2000

From Ymer's flesh the earth was created
the sea from his bones the trees from his hair the heaven from his skull
From his eyelashes the caring powers created Midgaard for human children
from his brains all of the sky's heavy clouds were made

From the ode "Grímnismál"

Camilla Stage creates a mythic universe together with the sculptor Marianne Hesselbjerg, where the violent collisions between opposing powers can take place. From the big void we are lead through emptiness and birth to killings and the creation of the Universe itself.

The span and the power of the old narratives is transformed into sensual, dancing images. The six dancers are portraying the standing fight between the innner gods and demons of man - and our own eternal and vain attempts to tame chaos.

The harp-player Kim Skovbye has created the music together with the Swedish master of ‘nyckelharpa’, Olov Johansson,

and they perform the music live. The musicians and the ancient instruments are part of the scene, and with the dancers BLOTE

becomes an inciting encounter between contemporary European dance and the Nordic heritage folkmusic.

BLOTE originates from the Nordic creation. In a mythical universe stretched out in the great void between birth and death for the creation of the universe, we experience beings from the deepest abysses - gods, giants and beasts, archetypes and fantastic beings, as we recognize them from our dreams, myths and legends. When our ancestors made sacrifices to honor the Gods they united with the divine forces of the universe through the ritual act of sacrifice - and they themselves became part of 'the great story'.


Choreograpy & Staging Camilla Stage

Composers Kim Skovbye & Olav Johanson

Dance & movment contribution

Carina Raffel, Christiana Battistella, Deborah Macedo, Jean Hugues Miredin, Jordi Puigdefabregas Serra and & Morten Innstrand

Live Musians Kim Skovbye Harpe, Olav Johanson & Markus Svenson Nyckelharpa

Set Design Marianne Hesselberg

Sound design  Kim Skovbye & Benny Hansen

Costume  Charlotte Østergaard

Lightdesign  Anja Myung Hansen

Consultent  Irene W. Stage

Pr & Administration  Gerd Schottlander/


Photo  Christoffer Askman

Premier Venue  Dansescenen Cph & MBT Dansetheatre for dans, Århus, DK  2000

Financial Support  Teaterrådet, Nordisk Kulturfond, Augustinus Fonden & Wilhelm Hansen Fonden