A desolate landscape - anywhere, anytime.

The dancers travel through states of light and darkness, hope and sorrow, closeness and distance.

Magnetic voltage fields arise - to then be split into atoms and dust. The fear, the struggle and the fall.

And all the time the pulsing blood-

a life force so great that we can bear the realization that the created is connected with death -

that death does not take away life but is part of life.

Choreography & staging  Camilla Stage   


Dancer & movement contribution  Gitte Møller, Hanne Stupperup, Susanne Judson, Jacky Miredin, Jens Byberg.

Set design  Marianne Hesselbjerg

Light design  Brian Njie

Costumes  Lise Klitten

Sound design  Jos Mørch & Camilla Stage

PR & Administration  Gerd Schottländer & Dansescenen

Plakat & program  Nete Banke


Photo  David Amzallag

Premiere Venue Dansescenen 1997

Financial Support Statens Teaterråd, Augustinus Fonden & Dansescenen