Fragments and realizes through eyes of flesh and blood
A bullfighter challenges a rose
Disgust and pleasure reflect one another
Red lips sparkle on the white skin - And the green grass laughs
Power and powerless devour each other
And an ecstasy trails dark traces behind of emptiness
A body tattoos itself- Within itself
The eye is a mouth – a wound
A whole world that breathes in and out in a scream silenced
-within a body



Camilla Stage

Victoria May, Ole Birger Hansen and Jean Hugues Miredin

Alice Jacobsen

Michael Breiner
Rasmus Eeg Sylvest/ Lys Fix
Gerd Schottlander
Ejnar Kanding
Alice Jacobsen and
Camilla Stage
Ejnar Kanding: computer/klangregi,
Arendse Dalgaard: violin og
Fritz Gerhard Berthelsen: klarinet
Louise Døssing
31 st March – 9 th April 2005
Venue: Den Anden Opera, Kronprinsensgade 7, 1114K , Copenhagen

Fetishism in anthropology refers to the belief  that godly powers can exist in an object (derived from the French fétiche; which comes from the Portuguese feitiço; and this in turn from Latin facticius, "artificial" and facere, "to make"). Essentially is fetishism the attribution of religious or mystical qualities to an object. An object that believed to have supernatural powers, in particular, to a man-made object
The use of the concept in the study of religion derives from studies of traditional religious beliefs. Blood is often included as a particularly powerful fetish or ingredient in fetishes, other objects and substances, such as bones, fur, claws, feathers and stones, water from certain places, certain types of plants and wood are common fetishes in the traditions of cultures worldwide. Scholars have continued to develop these theories ever since, and they have influenced anthropologists' understanding of fetishism in general.
Theories of sexual, political and material fetishism outside what was typically considered religion were introduced as concepts in the 19th century.


SurRealLife - Un mise en scéne AudioVisuelle pour trois corps 2005

SURREALLIFE is an audio-visual observation of the exalted and abased body used as an object - through an erotical and anthropological perspective.